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IC-Style E-Sessions "How to Solve Problems"

IC-Style E-Sessions "How to Solve Problems"


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The personalized services are just for You on how to solve problems.

If You:

  • feel helpless in the current situation
  • think that you have used all possible ways of solving the problems
  • do not have enough strength to fight your professional and private life

E-sessions: "How to Solve Problems?" are the Perfect Solution for You

You will gain:

  • the answers to your problems
  • specific tips at your fingertips on how to deal with problems
  • feelings: calm and readiness for new challenges 


Luxury Profiling is a powerful methodology designed to take you from where you are today to where you want to be. The speed and ease with which you can reach your goals and growth in life is accelerated when you work with a profiler.

 When considering a particular area of life, career, family, relationships, health, and so on, individuals fall into one of five camps:

  • I don’t know what I want;
  • I know what I want, but don’t know how to get it;
  • I know what I want and how to get it, but something keeps holding me back;
  • I know what I want, how to get it and I’m motivated and on track; and
  • I know what I want and I’ve already got it!

The life and success profiling process is most relevant and beneficial for those people falling into the first three camps above.

 A fundamental principle behind profiling is that each person knows best what they want. Friends, regardless of how well they may know you or whether they have your best interests at heart, still see your life from their perspective. Parents, mentors, counselors and the like bring to the table their experiences and advise you on what you should do based on that. However, what may be relevant and important to them, may not always be equally so for you.

Call it gut-feel, intuition, or a hunch you generally do know what you want or don’t want at some level. It may not be at a conscious level, or worse yet it may be well hidden but at your very core you do know.

An effective Luxury Profiler is one who is able to help you access your own inner knowledge. In doing so, you establish what you really want in a particular scenario.

" Luxury means TO BE and TO HAVE" -  Ilona Cizewska

"Luxury is a state of cohesion between mind and body. It is a relationship between the mental and material world. It is the art of harmony, peace of mind, passion, satisfaction and fulfillment. It is the capacity to stimulate senses, seek beauty, celebrate regular activities. It is the wealth of the experience. And finally – it is the art of becoming a better and more aware person, every day." - Ilona Cizewska

Discover how to live luxuriously.

 The Author Ilona Ciżewska - a long term psychologist covering high quality of life. An author and die-hard worldwide propagator of the innovative trend called Psychology of Luxury. Profiler of luxury, happiness and life satisfaction.


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