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 The IC brand was created out of love and passion for luxury and femininity.

 It reflects the lifestyle that is embraced by its owner - Ilona Ciżewska . Its name is a composite of the first letters of the owner's name and surname, as well as showing how the world is perceived by her.

 It is a multidimensional view of life, contextual thinking and understanding of the processes and behaviors that are created and perpetuated in the world.

 Products specially selected and signed by the IC brand show a different way of life that guarantees a sense of luxury. These are like signposts that give a clear message of what to do to make your dreams come true, to make your life happy and full.

 The company's mission is to give every woman the luxury she deserves.

 A sense of luxury is a state of mind. Understanding what luxury is all about allows it to be reflected and personalized to present.

 Thanks to IC brand products, every woman will feel unique, feminine and elegant, and certainly luxurious.

 All products are covered by the IC Brand warranty, which means that they have been checked and recommended by.

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