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Why do we wear jewelry?

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IC-Style Why do we wear jewelry?

Why do we wear jewelry?

Why, regardless of race, culture, age or gender, is jewelry an integral part of our identity? For what reasons have we been decorating our bodies this way for centuries?


- emphasizes our social status,

- indicates the level of wealth,

- draws attention of people in whom we want to arouse admiration or jealousy.

IC-Style With and without jewelry Princess Kate.

Above all, however, the basic reason we wear jewelry is a strong need to stand out. None of us wants to be seen as one of many people.

Almost everyone wants to emphasize their uniqueness. External expression is the easiest form of interpersonal communication. It's like saying "I'm here", "look at me", "come to me".

History of jewelry

The first forms of jewelry were found 90,000 years ago. They were mainly animal and human bone necklaces and jewelry that was made from the elements of nature.

Their goal was often to protect against demons or to indicate the status of the person who wore it. During this period, animals were also decorated to protect them from evil powers.

IC-Style The Project Gutenberg EBook of Jewellery, by H. Clifford Smith

Jewelry today

Today, the overarching goal is to stand out from the 7 billion people. We want to emphasize our individual style and jewelry is an excellent, non-verbal way of expressing yourself. Like clothing, it is an "unspoken word."

It has a dual message - on the one hand it shows identification with a specific social group, and on the other it is a person's distinguishing feature.

Another reason why jewelry is worn is the ritual and religious aspect. Thanks to it, we can emphasize the importance of specific events, such as engagement, birthday or any kind of holiday.

It is a form of showing attachment to specific contents and values. India is an example of a country where something like that is particularly evident.

IC-Style With and without jewelryMichelle Obama

In the United States, wearing jewelry has a different dimension. Statistical data shows that if there were no financial obstacle, almost 90% of people would opt for plastic surgery.

Jewelry is therefore a strong alternative to emphasize yourself and improve your image.

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