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What are the measurements of the latest Jil Sander bag?

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What are the measurements of the latest Jil Sander bag?

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 The latest Jil Sander bag

What are the measurements of the latest Jil Sander bag?What are the measurements of the latest Jil Sander bag?

Jil Sander has released a great canvas tote bag in June 2019. 70 cm high and 51.5 cm wide is the symbol of the mentioned brand. Its minimalist style is expressed in the simplicity of the logo on the front, narrow handles and an internal pocket.

This product indicates brand identification with responsibility for the environment. It is also an indicator of trends in the fashion world such as space, ecology and freedom.

And this is a freedom that is not in opposition to the luxury trend, on the contrary - it perfectly complements and extends its concept.

Tote bag belongs to the casual luxury - everyday style of luxury, awareness, femininity and humanity.

And hence - responsibility for ourselves and the environment in which we live. Perfectly combined with the usefulness of your belongings.

Here are some interesting ideas for using a tote bag:


What are the measurements of the latest Jil Sander bag?  Image source

  1. Do you like going to the beach? Pack some sunscreen with a high filter, flip flops and a swimsuit in your bag. Do not forget about the towel, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. Are you ready?
  2. Are you going to the gym? It's the perfect place where you can take your favorite tote bag! Pack your exercise outfit, reusable water bottle, protein bars and the world is yours!
  3. Going to dance classes? What are you going to take with you? The only and irreplaceable tote bag, of course! You will find enough space for all accessories, dance shoes and leggings. You can already hear music and your body begins to dance.
  4. Or maybe you are going to karate lessons? You are prepared as always - a kimono, belt and you are already on your way to getting the next belt. And all that with your inseparable companion: tote bag!
  5. Do you remember this wonderful picnic in Central Park or Park Bryant in New York? These tasty sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables, water, napkins ... Everything fits in a big tote bag!
  6. Do you remember going shopping? 

And these special places:

What are the measurements of the latest Jil Sander bag?

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- New York City Strand (828 Broadway, New York), the largest New York antique store offering, among books sold by meters, interesting gadgets and bags with literary motifs.
- Tiffany’s Corp. (corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street) - the legendary "breakfast" place of Audrey Hepburn on 5th Avenue.
- Henri Bendel (717 Fifth Avenue) - shopping icon of New York. The store, which was opened in 1895 on the famous 5th avenue, still remains a „must-see” among fashionable women to this day.
- Amoeba Music (1855 Haight Street, San Francisco) - according to The Rolling Stones, the best music store in the world.
If it wasn't for your spacious and very durable tote bag, you wouldn't be able to take all the interesting books, the right music for each day and every mood, as well as jewelry that perfectly matches your everyday and unusual outfits.
What are the measurements of the latest Jil Sander bag?
  1. Christmas and time for giving presents are coming. You are a conscious and confident woman. You care about the environment and think in an innovative way.

As an IC-lifestyle ambassador, use tote bags or drawstrings bags as Christmas gift bags. Wrap it with a ribbon, using your imagination, and attach a card with the name of the recipient and put it under the Christmas tree.

Or maybe a Christmas tree with hanging bags is going to look more interesting? Or you can get an amazing effect by placing tote bags with spruce branches and baubles coming out of them.

Feel IC-pired. Feel the magic of Christmas.


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