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The colours of ICinStyle

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The colours of ICinStyle

The colours of ICinStyle

The colours of ICinStyle Red dressThe colours of ICinStyle Black dress


At the beginning I suggest you to play a bit and have some fun. Look at the colours in our store and see what values ​​you will see here and what we offer you as our special guest.

The red colour

The colours of ICinStyle Red dress

The red colour in the hot picks and luxury evening women collections represents strong will, ambition and a high level of energy.

So these are new products and promotions, special offers and loyalty programs for our regular guests. The red colour also emphasizes that speed and decisiveness matter here.

The blue colour

The colours of ICinStyle

The blue colour in the background says that the foundation of everything, including our service and customer relationship is to offer the highest quality and value as well as to follow the path of a luxurious relationship.

Particular emphasis is placed on the smooth communication, understanding our guests and tailoring the offer to their needs. Thanks to the unique test you will find the answer which colour and styling will suit you and best emphasize your style.

Yellow and gold

The colours of ICinStyle

Yellow and gold in shoulder bags and the IC brand logo. By wearing them every day you show the values ​​that are represented by the IC brand. These are dreams and achieving goals in a perfect way.

The orange

The colours of ICinStyle

The orange background in luxury casual women represents everyday contact and the desire to spend time with our guests. You can always come to us - you will find luxurious collections and news here.


The colours of ICinStyle

Black in the best sellers and in the logotype represents strength of will and independence in the way to strive for a new quality of life, which is IC-lifestyle.

The white 

The white background in the store says about the transparency and simplicity of the relationship, which is also consistent with the philosophy of the IC brand. Everything is clear here, so guests can feel comfortable and safe.


Now you know what message we have for you?

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