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What should I wear today: black or red?

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ICi-Style What should I wear today: black or red?

What should I wear today: black or red?

We think about what to wear almost every day. We take into account the event or circumstances, our own well-being, the goal to be met by our outfit.

And what do we want to imply when we choose a red dress when going on a date or black dress for a business meeting?

Today I will tell you about the importance of colours in our culture. Cultural differences are extremely important here.

For example, in European culture the colour of mourning is black, and in Asian that colour is white.

What message do you send to other people by wearing specific colours? Below you will find identification of individual colours.


ICi-Style logo James Bond - 007 Logo

Technically, this is not a colour, but the lack of it. A symbol of elegance, luxury (like gold), chic (suits, little black dress) and modernity. It is used where it is necessary to emphasize the secret (James Bond logo), competence or authority (judges).

In Christian circles it is also associated with mourning and death. Many clothing brands have logos in black or make extensive use of black.



ICi-Style Waving the White Flag

It is a combination of all colours. It is the brightest colour. It's a universal colour symbolizing peace and purity. It is associated with truthfulness, simplicity, goodness, clarity and submission (white flag).

In the logo, it often appears as a negative space (without colour) or as a white inscription.



ICi-Style  UPS logo

 Indicates nature and usability. It is a symbol of calmness, seriousness, warmth, neutrality and reliability. The most famous company with the brown logo is UPS.

The brown shade of this courier company emphasizes its usefulness and reliability. This colour is also used in the logos of law and construction companies.



ICi-Style  McDonald's logo

This is the most bright and visible colour. It is also the most stimulating, which is why it is often used in advertising to attract attention. Red symbolizes action, adventure, energy, danger (road signs) love (heart, red rose), passion (fiery feelings), vigor and strength (blood colour).

Apparently, it stimulates the appetite (McDonalds logo). It is also a symbol of life and extreme emotions, beauty and vitality. Probably the best example of a red logo is Red Bull, which is associated with energy, action, excitement and adventure.

Red is also used by charity and health-related companies and institutions like hospital symbols, Red Cross, Red Crescent. In the close context red is associated with revolution, war, fight (boxing gloves) and destruction.



ICi-Style  Halloween Pumpkins

It is the colour of youth, creativity, lightness and activity. It symbolizes fun, enthusiasm and joviality (clown wigs, court jester costumes). It is the colour used in the logos of entertainment companies or companies whose clients are children and young people.

Orange is a bright colour visible in the twilight. For this reason, it is used as a coloor of warnings and rescue (lifebuoy, lifeguards). It is also the colour of autumn and Halloween (pumpkins).



ICi-Style  Taxi

It has many contradictory meanings. On the one hand, it symbolizes joy, warmth, sun, weather and positivity. On the other - cowardice, betrayal (depictions of Judas in European painting) and caution.

This colour is used in advertising and logos to attract attention (taxis in New York) and create the impression of joy and warmth (again the McDonalds logo). Yellow also symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and reason (some university logos).



ICi-Style  Animal Planet Logo Television

It's the colour of nature. It is associated with life and harmony. It is also the colour of healing, hope and freedom. Mint green is associated with freshness (mentos, but also a leaf of a novice driver who is "green" in what he does), success and satisfaction.

Green is the most important colour of Islam. Negative attributes attributed to green are instability (again the driver's green leaf) and randomness (roulette tables, football fields). Since the introduction of dollars into circulation, green is also associated with money.

The green colour is used in graphic materials of companies that want to be seen as ecological or operate in an industry related to nature and its protection (e.g. the logo of the Animal Planet TV channel).



ICi-Style  IBM logo

This is the most popular colour in graphics and design, as well as the most common favorite colour for many people.

This colour brings peace, stability, success, confidence, loyalty and security to mind - that's why so many companies use this colour. Blue is often used in the logos of government institutions, offices, banks and major corporations (e.g. IBM).

On the other hand, blue is one of the coldest colours. In this context, it is associated with the sky, open space and ocean. Blue is also a symbol of friendship.



ICi-Style  Milka Chocolate on Packaging

 It is the colour of luxury, elegance, splendor, grandeur, ceremonial, nobility and spirituality (episcopal robes). Purple and crimson  are a common colours used by companies associated with education and luxury goods.

It is also an indicator of good quality (e.g. the background of Milka chocolate packaging). As a rare colour in nature, it is considered a symbol of extravagance and vanity.



ICi-Style  Happy Valentine's Day Pink Text

 Is identified with femininity, tenderness, subtlety and grace. It's a symbol of girlhood and romanticism (the color of Valentine's Day). Pink is also associated with innocence. In logos and graphic materials it serves to emphasize femininity, girlhood or delicacy.

Often used in the logos of companies whose clients are girls (e.g. the Barbie logo) or that produce sweets. Pink is also used in campaigns and organizations to make women aware of the risk of breast cancer.



ICi-Style  Gray logo

 It is considered boring, expressionless, neutral. Companies whose advantage is neutrality or non-influence are using gray colour in their logos. Gray symbolizes corporate ideas, practicality, organization, respect.

Gray also has many negative features - it is associated with boredom, emptiness and vagueness. Still, it is a common component of the logo because it blends well with other colours.


And what message do you send to other people by wearing specific colours?



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